Top Events and Book Reading Performances for Literature Lovers

There are so many book-reading performances happening all the time, but which ones are worth your time? This blog post will give you a list of book readings and book events that you should attend. Whether it’s an author talking, book signings, or just simply reading to young folks, these five events are perfect for you.

American Library Association’s Annual Conference

One of the reading performances you should not miss is the American Library Association’s Annual Conference. This event happens in June, and it features a wide range of authors who give talks and book signings. This is also a place where you can buy books from different bookstores that are attending the event.

Book Expo America

Another book reading performance worth checking out is Book Expo America, which happens every year in May or June (it changes). You’ll be able to book a talk with authors, listen to book readings, and check out tons of books in different bookstores.

The New York Times Book Review

If you’re looking for a book reading performance that’s highbrow but still fun, then The New York Times Book Review is your best bet. It happens every Sunday at the beginning of the month (or the beginning of the week if you’re outside the US).

Seattle Public Library

If book readings are your thing, then Seattle Public Library is perfect for you. It happens regularly and features many different kinds of authors. What’s even better? The event always has book giveaways, so make sure to bring some bookmarks.

International Children’s Book Day

This is yet another book reading event that’s perfect for book enthusiasts. It’s a yearly celebration that features book readings and signings from different authors around the world. It takes place in April.